About Barry Ashenhurst


Okay, here’s the bio, such as it is. 


I’m 74 and have been a writer/photographer most of my life. I worked on a range of magazines, industrial, sports, special interest and so on, and in looking back on this career I believe I’ve generally made the right choices.


The only regret is that I didn’t head towards photo-journalism when I was a younger man. Photographer David Yarrow says “if your photos lack interest, stand in front of more interesting subjects”.


He’s right. Photographing the world’s hotspots would have offered more interesting subject matter than I found on most mine sites and racetracks. On the other hand, combat shooter Don McCullin is convinced that none of his photographs changed anything for the better.


None of my work changed anything either, but from looking at literally thousands of photographs over the years, I learned to admire and respect the work of the best photo-journalists, like Larry Burrows, Philip Jones Griffiths, Eugene Smith, Mary Ellen Mark, Don McCullin, Elliot Erwitt, and the best of the best, Sebastiao Salgado.


I’d never heard of these people as a teenager, swearing at Patterson tanks in a dog kennel because it was the only place I could find dark enough to load Kodak Tri-X, but still I find these photographers inspirational.


I’m self-taught, have won no awards for my work, nor earned fame from it and never will, but I’m still here and still shooting.


Today I own a Sony A7 and a Canon 5D but more often use my Lumix GH4 with the equivalent of a 24-70 or a 70-200mm  lens. I’ll be happy to work with that brilliant gear until I’m too weakened by old age to walk the streets.

Oh yeah, and I like dogs.